Laser Tag

Yesterday I went to my friends laser tag party. All of the girls in my class got on a minibus, and my friends dad drove us for an hour, until we got to the army reserve where it was. We got dressed into all-in-one camouflage suits, and headed out into the woods.  


Since I couldn’t take my phone into the woods to take pictures, I painted some paper, then cut out and stuck the shapes onto card to make a camouflage pattern! We were given camouflage helmets and body protecters, then had hot dogs for lunch. 

We were wired up to batteries, and then had lights that react to infra red lasers put on our helmets. Split into teams of six, we had thirty seconds to run from each other, then shoot members of the other team. All of us had three lives, and when those were up, you were out!

Overall, we had a great time, my team winning two out of three games that all lasted about thirty to forty minutes. I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes that kind of outdoor stuff…

SparrowHorse x