Tie Dye

My mum has recently started to buy different coloured dyes, and dyed loads of t-shirts, tablecloths and more! At first she brought just grey and navy, but now she is going to buy more adventurous colours: turquoise, orange, purple. To make stripes, which she did on mine,


All she did was to tie elastic bands around the places where you want the stripes to be, and put in the bucket where the dye is mixed with hot water. Do what it says on the dye packet, and soon you will have an amazing t-shirt! To make circles, which my mum did on a tablecloth:


You… collect some pebbles or marbles, and tie them on the material with elastic bands or string; it will come out of the bucket/washing machine with amazing circles! -try doing them in line, or even in a pattern…..

Have fun dyeing,

SparrowHorse x 


Film Review: Son of Rambow

I don’t have much time today, so this will be more a recommendation than a review, but I’d still like to say how much I like this film. I watched it for the first time last week, and I think i’ll watch it again soon! Here is my review and my description:

In 1980s England, schoolboys Will and Lee meet by chance in a hallway. Though the boys are complete opposites, Lee asks Will to help him make a homemade action movie, inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s hit, “Rambo: First Blood.” Will, who had been brought up in a deeply religious family, was pleased and only too happy to say yes as he had never experienced anything like it…


I love this film as it is one of the funniest films i’ve watched in a while. It gets you easily laughing out loud, with the attempts of videos they use. The plot is cleverly thought out and the actors are brilliant, really funny. Some parts are really emotional, and you’re left thinking,’Is this ever going to become right again?’ But it does and everyone’s happy again. Its a great film to watch with family, although I would say for people over about 10 or 11, because it’s a 12 and very rude, with some fighting and injury. 

This is great comedy, and one I will most likely watch over and over again, still enjoying it the same as I did the first time. Try it out!

SparrowHorse x