Film Review: Marley and Me

I love this film! I watched it a few days ago and then proceeded to watch it again because it was so good.


It is about a recently married couple John and Jenny Grogan, and after moving to Florida, getting new jobs at a local newspaper company, and buying their first home together, they decide to buy a young labrador puppy, Marley. But Marley soon grows to be more than a handful, destroying their furniture, eating things he shouldn’t….Still, the Grogan’s manage to learn that he is the best dog ever.

I love this film because it shows what really happens, struggling with jobs, arguments with your family… It also has the most amazing story, the relationship between family and dog, and their troubles. It brings a smile to everyones face to know about whats happening in their lives, what hilarious mischief the dog will get up to next, and how they’re going to cope. 

The story is a true story, and the film was adapted from a book, which I haven’t read but would be interested to read to see what it’s like. I think the actors did a great job acting out the troublesome plot line, and the dog did a great job at causing all the trouble!

It is rated a PG, and I would recommend it as a great comedy/real life film for anyone over the age of about 10. I didn’t notice any  main drawbacks while watching the film, and so it comes pretty high on a list of favourite films. It is emotional, and made me cry at a point, but enjoyable and happy as well.

Watch soon,

SparrowHorse x