Our cats

 At home, we have two cats called Augustus and Herbicus. We got them five years ago from a family down the road, and since then they have stayed here; catching mice and shrews, and lying cutely by the fire in the evenings.


The cat above is Augustus (Gus), and in the summer he loves sleeping in flower pots in the greenhouse. Herbicus (Herbie) prefers to rest in cardboard boxes, like in the picture below.


They generally get along with each other, and are very friendly, loving us to stroke them and pick them up. The cats also love climbing, and often climb to the top of the pergola and the apple trees. Herbicus always likes to find and lie in the sunlight, whether on the floorboards or on the grass.



Herbicus always has to find a comfy place to sit or lie down, whether on the the sofa, our laps, or in some cases on our old wooden rocking-horse, Bob.



I love our cats very much, and I really hope that they love us back!

SparrowHorse x