Aquila is a magazine that I get, once a month and it’s really good… It always has a different subject and this month it was statistics.


It’s quite interesting, and has jokes, comic strips, word searches, information, pictures all packed inside it. Every month it has a two A4 page long story, which can be about anything, and is one of my favourite parts of the magazine.


I got it for christmas in 2012 and have had it ever since. My favourite issues are probably pets, the circus and the christmas special 2012, my first issue. 



I hope you are inspired to get it now,

SparrowHorse x



Campfire Cooking

I recently went camping with my family, and I am going again in the summer holidays; I love it, so I thought i’d share with you some of my favourite recipes for campfire cooking.

Chocolate Bananas.

Slice a banana open along one long side, leaving the two ends sealed. Break up some dark or milk chocolate, then make small incisions along the centre of the banana and wedge a piece of chocolate inside each incision. Push the remaining pieces of chocolate inside the skin of the banana, then wrap the whole lot in tin foil. Put the parcel onto the fire for 5-10 mins then take it off. When you look inside, the banana should be soft and gooey, and the chocolate nicely melted.

Orange Eggs.

Slice the top off an orange, putting the ‘lid’ to one side. Carefully scoop out the flesh inside, while making sure the skin stays intact. Put a dab of butter into each orange, and also a pinch of salt and pepper if you want. Crack an egg into each orange that you have prepared , then place the lid back on top; after that, wrap the whole thing in tin foil. Place the parcels into some glowing coals on your fire, and allow them 10-15 mins to cook before you unwrap them to eat. 

I hope you enjoy making the recipes!

SparrowHorse x

Rainy day ideas

On a rainy day, as you can guess, most people tend to be lost for ideas, so I thought I would liven you all up with a few ideas of what you could do on a rainy day.  1. Draw or paint, our family has a great book full of ideas to draw or paint:


Here are some pictures my sister and I did from the book earlier,


The one above, My sisters, it is a science laboratory, with interesting made up potions. The one below, mine, they are lots of different types of dogs!!


2. Read. I’m pretty sure that most of you have a book in your house, so why not read it? Even if it means snuggling up on your sofa with a mug of hot chocolate, i’m sure your parents will be please that you’re doing something other than lazing around.

3. Cook. Most of you must have a cookbook somewhere, whether belonging to you or your parents or you, so why not get out into the kitchen and make something!! It can be anything: cookies, cakes, drinks, a savoury snack, i’m sure that you won’t regret it afterwards! 

4. Listen to music. Whether from an iPod, or a rusty old cd player, listening to music always helps you get along, and you should have fun!

5. Make a den. I always make dens on a rainy day, either with my brother and sister or on my own. Its fun to mess around with duvets, blankets, pillows and cushions, and end up with your cool, made up version of a perfect den. Try using chairs to tie to blankets, making a great roof for your den. 

I hope you will use some of my ideas,

SparrowHorse x

Book review: Sweet Honey

I got the idea of doing some book reviews from my friend Beluwa, and now I think that I might make it a regular thing, and do a book review every once in a while. I thought I might start with a book review of an amazing book I read recently, it is part of a series, by one of my favourite authors: Cathy Cassidy.

All her books are good, especially gingersnaps and looking glass girl, but when my eyes came to a new series she was working on, I needed to try it out. The chocolate box girls is a series about 5 sisters- and one brother… All of the books are in a different sisters point of view, and all about the problems he or she has to face. I think that Sweet Honey is my favourite, which is why I’m reviewing it. 


15 year old  Honey went to live with her dad in Austrailia, but things weren’t as easy going as she had thought. She wanted to create a new character in herself, and she thought the best place to do that was as far away from her own house in England as possible. But when even her friends start breaking promises, she doesn’t know who to trust…if anyone.

Sweet Honey is a great book, that really shows the feelings and characteristics of Honey that they do not put in the other books in the series. I would recommend that you read the books in the order of the series: Cherry Crush, Marshmallow Skye, Summer’s Dream, Coco Caramel, Sweet Honey, and the latest one, Fortune Cookie. I would say it should be four and a half stars out out of five, because even though it has the good description, feelings and something in it that can’t-stop-you-reading, I felt that it didn’t have as many sisters involved in the actual plot line. 

I hope you enjoy the books if you decide to read them!

SparrowHorse x