Campfire Cooking

I recently went camping with my family, and I am going again in the summer holidays; I love it, so I thought i’d share with you some of my favourite recipes for campfire cooking.

Chocolate Bananas.

Slice a banana open along one long side, leaving the two ends sealed. Break up some dark or milk chocolate, then make small incisions along the centre of the banana and wedge a piece of chocolate inside each incision. Push the remaining pieces of chocolate inside the skin of the banana, then wrap the whole lot in tin foil. Put the parcel onto the fire for 5-10 mins then take it off. When you look inside, the banana should be soft and gooey, and the chocolate nicely melted.

Orange Eggs.

Slice the top off an orange, putting the ‘lid’ to one side. Carefully scoop out the flesh inside, while making sure the skin stays intact. Put a dab of butter into each orange, and also a pinch of salt and pepper if you want. Crack an egg into each orange that you have prepared , then place the lid back on top; after that, wrap the whole thing in tin foil. Place the parcels into some glowing coals on your fire, and allow them 10-15 mins to cook before you unwrap them to eat. 

I hope you enjoy making the recipes!

SparrowHorse x