Hi, earlier today my sister and I did some decopatch models, and had really great fun! If you want to make one, follow my instructions below. 

First you need a plain brown model, which you can probably get from any good craft store near you, secondly you need special decopatch paper, which you can get from 90p-£1.50 ish per sheet. What is recommended but not absolutely necessary, is decopatch glue, which insures a smooth, glossy top on your model. If you don’t buy this, PVA glue works, just not as well.


It is better to use a flat-topped paintbrush instead of a round tipped paintbrush; example below…


If your decopatch paper is a light colour, you might want to paint your original model with white acrylic paint first so the brown doesn’t show through.


  • Make sure your surface is covered up with old newspaper, etc, so that the surface doesn’t get gluey.
  • Rip up your decopatch paper quite small (ripped up paper is better than cut up paper because ripped edges tend to glue together better), and put it in a bowl/small pile
  • Paint some glue onto your model, then place a piece of your ripped up paper on top, pressing it down slightly. After that, paint over the top with a thin layer of the same glue.
  • Overlap the pieces, so none of the original colour shows through.
  • Repeat the process until you have covered the model as much as you would like.
  • Leave to dry for a day/a few days, then you can put it on display!

Below is a picture of my box, and below that, the animals that my mum and sister did…



I hope you enjoy making/decorating!

SparrowHorse x