Book Review: Split Second

This is the second book review that has been centred around a book by Sophie McKenzie, and by that I mean to draw you in to her, as I think that she is an incredible author. 

This book is called Split Second, a book I noticed while scanning through the website, ‘The book people’ and it caught my eye, as I already owned a vast amount of her books. I read the blurb, and thought it would be a great book to try…


Here is the blurb, copied of the back of my book:

A terrorist bomb in a London market tears Charlie’s life apart. Months later she meets Nat, whose family was devastated by the same explosion. As Charlie gets closer to Nat, she starts to wonder – does he know more about the attack than he’s letting on? 

Life can change in the blink of an eye – whether you’re ready or not…

I would recommend this book to anyone over 12, who likes a subject around action.  I find it is a fast-paced as well as gripping book, drawing people in from even just the first page. It is built with suspense, in some parts making your eyes widen, making you draw your breath in. 

If you read this book and like it, there is a sequel, Every second counts, but, I find this book not as good as the first, as I would rate Split Second a five star book, and the sequel a four, because it has a less interesting plot and is more predictable than the first.

I hope you love this book as I do,

SparrowHorse x