Fim Review: Everest

A few weeks ago I went with my mum to the Cinema, to watch Everest. My mum wanted to see the film because she had read and really liked the book, ‘Into thin air’. In case you didn’t know, the book was set on a true event that happened in 1996, and the author was a person who experienced the events that happened in the book and film. My mum wanted to go, and see how they had presented the film on account of the books description. She asked if I wanted to come along, and at first I said no, but in the end it was a yes. It was on quite late, half eight to about quarter to eleven, and as you can imagine, I was so tired afterwards!

I didn’t really know what to expect, my mum had told me that the story was quite gruesome, detailing the injuries and illnesses the climbers had and the emotional feeling of the characters. 

I was pretty taken aback when I saw the film. It was very moving, some parts I had to cry, upsetting scenes were not rare. It was disturbing that it was a real event, about true people. If there was one fault with the film, it would be that it did not include enough technical detail, or enough about the Sherpas – Nepalese people that get paid to carry the climbers luggage, and oxygen tanks. I was quite interested about the Sherpas, I wouldn’t really like to be one; carrying other peoples luggage…


If you think that this might be your type of film; or book, it is a great experience to watch it, and has great actors and is made really life-like. It is a 12A and really upsetting, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 10, maybe? But it would be pretty high on my list of good films! 

I hope you get round to seeing it,

SparrowHorse x