Painting sheets

This weekend my brother and sister and I went to our grandparents while our parents have been away for the weekend. My grandad is an artist, sows knew we would probably be doing something arty/painty. We got there and he took us down to his studio, where he had cut up sheets to the exact size of some paintings hanging up in his hallway. He told us that his plan was for us to paint whatever we liked on our sheets, and then he would pin then to the frames of the real pictures in his hallway. 

We had to plan our paintings on paper before we got started on our sheets, and I decided to do lots of windows, different shapes and sizes each time, with patterns inside. We used Gouache paint, a sort of thick paint with a glue-like substance.

I drew my plan on the sheet first with faint charcoal, then after moved onto the paint. 


I wanted to use summery colours, to brighten up their hall a bit for the autumn and winter; Yellows, reds, greens, oranges, blues; not blacks, browns, greys and so on. 


It took a while to finish up; maybe 2 or 3 hours? It was worth it when I had finished though: Lots of windows, with different coloured frames, with unusual patterns inside. 


I hope that one day you will get to do something like this,

SparrowHorse x