Hi, today I want to talk about an activity i’ve been doing the past three years that i’ve really enjoyed. It has recently stopped and so I thought it was a good time to talk about it. Every 1 or 2 months, about 10 kids (aged 9-14) meet up in the woods to do some bushcraft sessions. They are 3 hours long, and we all get to try and do many interesting things, the ones I can remember are below:

  • Making mallets
  • Creating bow-and-arrows out of hazel 
  • Playing on our rope swings
  • Making pancakes, bread and fried eggs
  • Setting animal traps so we could look at animals
  • Collecting hazelnuts, blackberries, rasberries, and wild strawberries
  • Carving whistles and spoons out of wood
  • Lighting fires
  • Climbing trees

We have a really great, informative leader, who shows us how to do activities that we hadn’t really thought of doing before. We play games every once in a while; hide and seek in woods, tracking games…


I loved this, and if you are into this kind of things, I could and anyone else could recommend this to you. Even if you aren’t the outdoorsy kind of person, this could be your chance to see more wildlife, and experience many things you haven’t before. I hope you find this inspiring,

SparrowHorse x