Book review: Dead Time

Hi, this book review is about a book called Dead Time, by Anne Cassidy. It is the first of four books, all of which I purchased pretty cheaply from The Book People. It is a murder mystery, so to people who love that sort of thing; it would be one of the first books I’d recommend. 


One night Joshua’s dad and Rose’s mum went out to dinner together- they never came back…..

Its five years later, and after years of not seeing each other, they meet again. Rose has just been a witness to a brutal murder, and Joshua is still on a mission to find out where their parents are and what happened to them. Together they discover a notebook…which might lead to the answers to their questions.

It is a really gripping book, with just the right plot for a murder mystery. It contains a mixture of interesting and gory detail, which is just right for it’s genre, and pages full of action and suspense. 

There are three books afterwards, In this order:

Dead Time

Killing Rachel

Butterfly Grave

Dead and Buried. 

I would recommend them to people ages 11 or 12 upwards, because although it has an okay basic plot line, it contains some quite disturbing actions that wouldn’t really be suitable for younger readers. I would class these as a really great series of books, 4 star probably…

I hope you get a chance to read them,

SparrowHorse x