Paper Flowers

Hi, today i’m going to talk about an interesting paper flower thingy I’ve learnt to make. I found it in a craft book called Paper Made, which has loads of great ideas in it. I was flicking through it the other day and saw these instructions:

What you need:

10 ish cupcake or muffin cases (I use muffin ones as I think they work better because they are deeper than cupcake ones) 

a sewing needle

pva glue

About six inches of thin wire ( I use silver or grey ) 


  1. Make a stack of the 10 cupcake cases and flatten them. Use the sewing needle to create two holes about half an inch apart through the bottom center of the layers of cases.
  2. thread the wire through the holes, going up through one, then down through the second. Tie a knot or twist the wire right underneath the cases so the wire doesn’t come out.  
  3. Seperate the muffin cases one at a time, twisting each one to make the flower nice and full, making it look more like a flower than a bunch of muffin cases
  4. I made my first one, then realised that you could see the wire through the gap in the middle and it made it look quite ugly. I used pva glue to just glue the middle together…
  5. if you want to stick it onto a present or something, I would recommend using a little glue or double sided tape to stick it on, cutting the wire so it is short and you can’t see it
  6. finished!


i hope you get a chance to make it,

SparrowHorse x