Book review: Legend

Hi, I’ve been trying to write something on my blog for ages but not much has come to mind recently. A few weeks ago I finished a book called Legend, by Marie Lu. I had never come across this author before, but I thought I’d give it a go. 


It is about two people, a boy called Day, and a girl called June. They are both on the run and undercover, and meet each other by chance. June is seeking her brothers murderer, and has sworn revenge on the person who killed him. They are drawn together, neither knowing each others pasts. But Day murdered June’s Brother….

I think that it a great book to read but it is quite hard to get into. At the beginning I found the whole thing a bit confusing and I wasn’t sure whether to read on or not. I did and it slowly came together and I got to know what it was on about. It is a good example of an action book, because it is fast-paced, getting you wanting to turn the page.

Another thing I like about the book is that you get to know the characters quite well. You can easily imagine that you are there, with them, and I like that. I would also say that this book is set in a dystopian world , an imaginary place, where everything is bad or degraded. The way it is set out is kind of like the Hunger Games, and if you a fan of Divergent, or the Hunger Games, I would definitely recommend this to you!

I would recommend this to anyone above 12, as I found some of the chapters quite disturbing and also the language is quite bad! 

There are also two more books after it, making it a trilogy. The last two in my opinion are not as good as the first but if you like the first try out the next two. They are called Prodigy, then Champion.

I hope you think its a good book,

SparrowHorse x