Film Review: x+y

x+y is a film I’ve watched recently on Netflix. It’s not so much a film that would be entirely enjoyable for some people, although I certainly found it entertaining, and in most respects enjoyable. 


It is about a teenage autistic boy called Nathan, and about his struggles building relationships with others. Through personal tragedy, and while studying for the International Maths Olympiad, he gradually starts to realise how people think compared to him. 

It is an extremely emotional film, and I cried several times through the course of it. It helps you to understand what it can be like for some people, and others can relate to what he had been through. It is a sort of Drama film, and a 12A film. It captures the feelings of Nathan so well that you feel as if you know him yourself. x+y is such an interesting film to watch, I recommend that do if you get the chance.

I hope you get round to watching it after my recommendation,

SparrowHorse x