Star Cards

Today it was my sisters-friends birthday, and as I know her quite well, I thought I would make her a card…I looked in a few craft books and I found some instructions for a card that looked okay. I adapted it a bit, because I either didn’t have the required stuff or I didn’t like the element…Here is my adapted version:

You will need:

A star template

White scrap paper

Several sheets of coloured card

Scraps of decorated card


A pencil

Pritt Stick 


  1. Find a star template that is about 8cm wide and trace it onto the white scrap paper
  2. Put that sheet to one side and get your coloured card -any colour will do, I used black- and cut it so it is measuring 12 x 24 cm
  3. Measure 6 cm from each side and score gently with the point of the scissors. Fold along the score lines so that the two sides fold into the centre
  4. Find another sheet of a different coloured card and measure a 10 x 10 cm square of the card. Cut it out and stick it into the inside of the main card using Pritt Stick
  5. Get the white sheet of scrap paper with the star on it and turn it over, so that you can only faintly see the lines of the star through the paper
  6. Stick down all of the scraps of decorated card down over the lines of the star, overlapping the card making sure it is all covered
  7. Cut out the star outline from the other side, ending up with a star, with lots of different patterned card on it
  8. Find the 10 x 10 cm square of coloured card, that is stuck in the middle of the card, and stick the star down into the middle of it
  9. Write your message on one or both of the flaps at the sides, fold the sides into the middle, and if you want you can seal it with a sticker or tape

Here is a roughly what you should end up with:



I hope you enjoy making this,

SparrowHorse x