Book review: Paper Towns

Hi, today i’m going to do a book review on Paper Towns, by my favourite author at the moment, John Green. I have read a few of his books before; An Abundance of Katherine’s and The Fault in our Stars, as well as Paper Towns. I’m also about to read Looking for Alaska, as I have found loads of great reviews on it… Anyway, book review!


Quiet Quentin Jacobsen was surprised when Margo Roth Spiegelman turns up as his window, ready to take him out for the best night of his life, playing pranks on a bunch of school friends who betrayed her. But the next day, when he turns up at school, she is not there… With some help from some of his friends, using clues she left behind, Quentin (Q) embarks on a trip to find the girl who stole his heart. What will happen next?!

I love this book as it has a lively storyline, with quite a lot of fun characters and conversations in it. The plot line is odd, although entertainingly funny, there were parts where I couldn’t help laughing out loud! In this book, I really liked the first introduction to the characters and settings; how it was like at high school, who people were and why they were there. I can also say that Q and Margo’s night out was amazingly told and so funny…! It was suspense-filled and I couldn’t put the book down.

I think that one it’s main weaknesses, though, was the fact that it was quite similar in a way, to An Abundance of Katherine’s. There was the same quiet, and somewhat nerdy boy, the same best friend and the same girl-that-he-loved… I would say that the storyline has many differences, but if you have read about one set of characters, you have read about them both. If you are just reading one on its own, though, I would totally recommend Paper Towns as John Green’s best novel.

I’m not really sure which genre John Greens books fit in, sort of YA fiction, coming of age, sometimes romance? I would recommend this for people 12+, people who have either read some of his other novels, or people who like authors such as Annabel Pitcher and David Levithan. 

I hope you get round to reading this soon,

SparrowHorse x