Film Review: Jurassic World

I first watched this a while ago, but I watched it again with a few friends last week. It sort of follows on from Jurassic Park, but you don’t have to watch Jurassic Park to be able to watch this; as far as I can tell, there is only one character that is in both films….Here is my review and I hope you want to watch it afterwards


The luxury resort, located just off the coast of Costa Rica, contains genetically engineered dinosaurs including the newly designed dinosaur, the Indominous Rex. A few days before starting to be viewed by the visitors, the giant creature escapes and starts causing havoc all over the resort. When one of the workers two nephews come to stay and find themselves lost without help, animal expert and former military man has to come and save them….

I found some parts pretty gruesome, blood and screaming everywhere, but I guess I was expecting it, after seeing Jurassic Park… There weren’t many faults, except I could definitely some obvious movie mistakes, e.g, in one of the shots there was a cracked window, and a second later as they showed the same view, there was no cracked window. The rest was great, the dinosaurs acting and looking surprisingly real, also effective, getting people scared at the right moments. 

I think the actors were chosen well, although I did find the dinosaurs more interesting than the people! It is a 12, and I would recommend it for people who like Action/Adventure/Thriller films. I think that I found it better than all the Jurassic Parks, it has more suspense and action, I think…

I’ll write another blog post soon,

SparrowHorse x