Chocolate Digestive Test

Today we decided to have our own chocolate digestive test, with three different types of digestives: Waitrose, Sainsbury’s  and McVitie’s…My mum had put them in lettered boxes, A, B and C, so we didn’t know which brand were which. We started with A, which turned out surprisingly dusty and bitter, with such a thin layer of chocolate it was hard to actually taste it. I got my family’s scores out of ten and this is the average for biscuit A…… 5.5/10


B was much sweeter than the last, It has curbs which held together better than A, and thicker chocolate, less Digestive. Overall a much better biscuit. The average score for B was 8.3, significantly higher than before


The last biscuit, C, was average I guess, crumbly, average layer of chocolate, less than B but more than A. The digestive itself was quite bitter, not as sweet as B, it still held together and was okay. The score was 6.9

At the end we found out that A was Waitrose, B was Sainsbury’s and C was McVitie’s. I wasn’t expecting Sainsbury’s to be the best, I was sort of thinking it would be McVitie’s….I won’t be requesting Waitrose digestives again, although Sainsbury’s will be on my list!

SparrowHorse x