Round-ish ornaments

I found some instructions to make a sort of ornament, made out of long, thin pieces of card, and curved into a circle. I used short, fat pieces which came together and made a sort of squashed circle. Despite it not being exactly what it looked like in the book, I liked it and hung it up in my room. Here are the instructions, if you want to make what i’ve made below; i’ve adjusted the way to do it to make my version.


What you’ll need:

  • Glue- Pritt Stick or PVA
  • 2 sheets of patterned/decorated card
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife, guillotine or scissors
  • Hole punch
  • 2 small split pins


  1. I used double sided card for this, but if you have got two separate pieces of patterned card, stick them back to back using glue and leave it to dry, (you can slip it inside a book to keep it flat while it dries)
  2. Cut out 12 separate pieces of card about 12cm by 2 and a half cm
  3. Hole punch both ends of all the strips of card using the hole punch
  4. Stack up all the twelve strips, if you can alternating the colours
  5. Push the split pins through the card so they come out the end, separating them so that they aren’t loose, then repeat on the other end
  6. Carefully separate each strip at the centre arranging them in a circle-ish shape.

If you hold the pin up, you can slip a length of thread underneath to hang it up…I think this method in the book was called around the globe ornament, but seeing mine it’s more an around the squished globe ornament than the former!

My mum wanted me to make one for her and so she gave me some card she waned it to be made out of. I made it but after I gave it to her she cut the card a bit thinner to create holes in the ball. Here is hers:


Enjoy making,

SparrowHorse x