Today I went to Maidstone Gravity, a trampoline hall where the whole floor and part of the walls were covered in trampolines. It was for a friends birthday, and so we all drove up and had a great time. I’ll tell you a bit about it…

Gravity has trampolines covering the floor and walls of a massive hall, so you can jump all around and also bounce on and off the walls. There are also foam pits where you can jump or flip off extra-springy trampolines into metres of foam cubes. We spent a lot of time in the dodgeball area, a netted area with lots of balls in that you can throw at one another, playing dodgeball…I couldn’t take any pictures, because I didn’t really want to loose my phone on the trampolines, so here is a photo from google images of the place I went:








I thought it was an amazing experience and really fun for all ages and families. There’s a point where they turn the music up and turn the lights off, and everyone can jump around in the dark. I loved this and if you want to go, or find out more about it, here is the link to the website.

After, we went to Frankie and Bennies, an american-italian restaurant with great food…overall I think we all had a great day and all enjoyed it. I would urge you to go there, or any other trampoline hall, (i’ve been to AirHop before) even if it doesn’t sound like your thing…

SparrowHorse x