Today we brought 3 chickens! My family set up a run for them yesterday, and today we put up their house. Its the second time we’ve had them, when I was about 3 or 4 but the last time foxes were a problem and killed them, but now, 9 years later, we’ve got them again. 

IMG_0969Their run is a metal frame with chicken wire secured onto it, with a wooden door so we can feed them easily





Inside their run is an eglu, a plastic house for them to sleep and lay eggs in






We went to a local farm and brought three chickens, and brought them home in a massive cardboard box. We’ve named them Avvy- the lightest, Maggie- the middle brown one, and Chestnut- the darkest.




We’re now leaving them to get used to their run and home so hopefully we’ll be getting a lot of eggs…




I’ll be posting again soon,

SparrowHorse x