Book Review: The Jubilee Express

I’ve been going a little John-Green-Mad recently, buying all the books I could of his on my phone. I recently brought Let it Snow, a book with three mini books inside, one a John Green one, but another of them The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson. It came first out of the three, and in my opinion was the best. Here is my review:


Jubilee can’t wait for Christmas and especially her boyfriend Noah’s christmas party. But when she is sent to her grandparents after her parents participating in a riot, and her train gets caught in a snowstorm, everything seems to go wrong. Follow more of her story by getting the book!

I found this book really entertaining, even though its set during the Christmas period, which has just been…It was a really funny, the main character quirky and witty, the whole story easy to read- as much as I like John Green, some of his books are quite hard to get into. I LOVED Jubilee in a way that I haven’t with other characters, she is entirely relatable with readers, and has the best personality.

It was, I guess, a bit of a  i-know-whats-going-to-happen-next-book, I knew that Noah was going to be trouble, and that something was going to happen with Stuart (I won’t tell you who he is, you’ll have to read it!) but it didn’t ruin the story and I sort of liked that factor. 

It was a quick read and I think ended at about 110-120 pages long, but that didn’t stop me from really enjoying it. I have to say that the other two stories weren’t as good, despite another being John Green’s. I think I would recommend it 12+, and it is probably romanceish. I hope you enjoy it,

SparrowHorse x