Film Review: Twilight

I watched this yesterday at a friends sleepover, and I thought it was a really good film. I haven’t yet read the books, but now I have seen the first film, I am going to read them before watching the next movie. At first I wasn’t sure about the whole vampire thing, but soon it all pieced together and I found myself watching the most amazing film. Here is wikipedia’s description and my thoughts.







High-school student Bella Swan, always a bit of a misfit, doesn’t expect life to change much when she moves from sunny Arizona to rainy Washington state. Then she meets Edward Cullen, a handsome but mysterious teen whose eyes seem to peer directly into her soul. Edward is a vampire whose family does not drink blood, and Bella, far from being frightened, enters into a dangerous romance with her immortal soulmate.

I realised soon after I began watching that I didn’t really like the actor of Bella- Kristen Stuart. To me, her facial expressions and acting skills annoy me and I don’t really think she was the best actor they could have got for the part. I think that Edward’s actor-Robert Pattinson -was good for the part, but others weren’t as pleasing.

What I did love was the plot line, I didn’t know what was going to happen next, it was action-filled and thrilling to watch. The story made perfect sense and it was easy to tell who was who. The only thing that did confuse me was that you could tell who was a vampire or not by their pale skin, but Bella, a normal human was pale too? Confusing…

The film gave me a scare in the right places, and it wasn’t too noticeable that it wasn’t real, like some films, e.g someones dying on the floor and you’re laughing because the blood looks so fake. I think I would rate it 4/5 and i’m looking forward to seeing the next ones. The age rating is a 12, and so I think I would recommend it to people 12+, because of its creepy content…

Watch it and you won’t regret it!

SparrowHorse x