Update post

Recently lots of things have been going on, but none of them really big enough to write a real blog post about…this post is an update of all the things that have happened, hopefully in a rough order…

  1. I read Twilight! In my film review I said that I wanted to read them next, and so i’ve read the first. I didn’t really want to write a blog post about it because i’ve already done one on the film, but I think that is definitely as good or even better than the film and I would recommend it to anyone. I have spoken to a few friends who have both read and watched the series, and we all think that if i’d read the book before watching the film, I would have found it a lot better because of not knowing what was going to happen. From now on i’m going to read the books first, then watch the film so as to not spoil the book.






2. About a week ago the chickens lay their first egg! As you knew from a few posts ago, I got three chickens, and for a while we didn’t have any eggs. But then, we found one in the nesting box and it was great! From then on we’ve had three eggs a day, one from each of our chickens, and I love them much more than our usual Sainsbury’s eggs. 







3. Today I got a new pencil case for school! I know this my not sound that exciting to you, but i’ve been waiting to get one for about 3 months and finally I saw one that I liked in WHSmith this morning. It’s quite small but i’ve managed to fit everything I need to in it… Below is the picture of my pencil case, with all my stationary inside.







Hope you enjoyed this,

SparrowHorse x