Film Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Hi! Today i’m going to review My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which I watched on Thursday with a few friends. We started at Pizza Express, then after our meal walked over to the cinema in time for the start. I loved this film, and i’m not even sure which film I liked the best, the 1st or the the 2nd. Here is my review and I hope you like it…

Parenting and marriage is becoming a problem for Toula and Ian. Their relationship is becoming hard to cope with as their daughter Paris is choosing colleges to apply to and struggling with their Greek traditions. On top of that, Toula must contend with aging parents and the endless needs of cousins and friends. When the family discover a secret that could lead to disruption between Toula’s parents, the whole family has to work together to create an even bigger wedding than before.

I love this film despite it’s weaknesses and it is something that i’ll never grow bored of. One problem I think was it’s lack of imagination. Yes, it has different problems with different people, but the whole marriage idea is the same, which I find a little off-putting. It was also a rather short film than I would have liked, only about 1 hour 30 mins; I would have preferred something longer with more info and plot line. 

Now, putting it’s weaknesses out the way, i’ll say why I liked it… I loved the characters enthusiasm and humour throughout the film. Whether things have gone wrong or right, the family is always laughing with their greek humour that the first film had. Some parts make you laugh out loud which I am glad of- otherwise it would have been nothing like so good a film. I think the actor for Paris was just right for the part, and I was also glad that the entire cast from the first film was back and willing to make an amazing 2nd entry.

I would recommend it 4/5 and recommend it for people 10+, as it is a 12A and would say some things are inappropriate for people under the age given. I would push anyone to go and see it, although if it isn’t your thing, it might get a bit boring. It is a comedy/romance, and a great example for that genre.

SparrowHorse x