Another mix

This is another Mix-up post full of random updates I wanted to share and post. Firstly I want to recommend another blog that is a follower of mine and also writes blogs on some of the same subjects- Book reviews, cooking etc. Her name is

I think that I might take a break from writing blogs for a while, as my exam week is coming up, and I have lots of revision to work on as well as my normal homework. I will still write them when I have the time, and schedule them for times after the 1st of June, when I will continue to write. Please don’t expect any until then, when the usual blogs will appear.

This may sound a little too boring to add to a blog post to you, but for me its a memory that I want to remember. Last week I was on holiday with some friends and family, in Exmoor where, some of our friends live. On the second day we went to a beach, where we all had the best time we’ve had there. Here are some of the photos that me and friends took while on the beach that day.








Bye for now,

SparrowHorse x