Revision Ideas…

Usually I don’t worry or do nearly as much revision as I should but for my end of year exams this year I though I would make a little more effort than I usually do. Some of these ideas can be creative, fun, or just down-right boring but they all help me and I hope they help you too. Here are some of my favourite and most effective ideas and instructions:

  1. Flash Cards: I usually make these as I find they improve my memory and also doing things in different orders. You just need some A4 card, which I usually cut into 16 small rectangles, and colourful pens to make them stand out and not be as boring…Write a question on one side, then the answer on the other being as detailed or vague as you think necessary. I get my friends and family to test me on these facts until I know most of them off by heart ready for the exam. The subjects I have made them for already I have gone a bit overboard with, for my geography i’ve done 76 and my history 64…!
  2. Mind Maps: I find these most effective stuck on my door or wall or in a place that I go past and look at every day. This means that facts usually stick in my head as I go past, and I can think, e.g. “okay, what are the 5 air masses that effect the uk?” You can make them by finding an A4 or A3 piece of paper and writing a subject in the middle. You can then go on to drawing lines of it for different topics, facts, or info that you want to revise and know. You can make it as colourful as you want and include diagrams, pictures, or highlights for extra.
  3. Folder: I sometimes go through each of the books I want to revise for and photocopy all of the pages that include the info I need to revise for different topics. I find it helps if you keep all this in a folder in separate plastic files for each topic inside a subject. This is neat and organised, and is helpful if you need to carry it round on trains or uses, or if you want to pack revision for holidays…

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Those are some of my instructions, but I also have some tips to make it easier and healthier:

  1. Take breaks from revision: It won’t be as good for you if you spend 5 hours of straight revising, as it will be if you do 2 hours with a few 10 minute breaks. This can help your brain have time to recharge and also relax
  2. Don’t spend loads of time revising the night before: If you start revising earlier, and you do small periods of revising every day or every few days your results will be much better

I hope you take my advice, and I will post soon!

SparrowHorse x



The Lion King at the Theatre

Yesterday I went to London to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. I don’t generally like London, so I don’t think I was looking forward to it as much as the rest of my family were…but in the end I enjoyed it as much as everyone else. It took an hour and a half to reach the stop we wanted on two trains, and after, we had to walk to a restaurant to stop for lunch. We ended up eating at Côte, a french restaurant which we had never eaten at before. It turned out really nice, and we all enjoyed it- even though I didn’t eat particularly french food!- I ate chips and salad, with a massive praline crêpe for dessert, shown below.






After lunch we made our way to the Lyceum theatre where the Lion King was being held. It wasn’t as big as I had expected which calmed me a little as I don’t really like crowded places, and we managed to get fairly good seats which meant we could see the stage clearly enough. After the play started, I grew fairly optimistic of the whole thing, the amazing costumes just one factor. The animal costumes weren’t made to look like real animals, they were cleverly designed to move with sticks or wires, but it was clear to see the actor inside or on the produced animal. But when the stage turned dark and you could only see their silhouettes, the costumes and masks made it hard to tell whether it was a real animal or costume…!






The sets were brilliant too, at least fifteen different scenes that slid down into place at the right moments. They were very cleverly designed and were used at their full potential. I don’t think there was a thing about it I didn’t like, the songs were the best i’ve heard in a musical, and the actors skilled and talented, just right for their parts. I would thoroughly recommend going to see int if you have the chance, as it is one of the best experiences in London i’ve ever had. The link to The Lion King website is down below if you want to find out any info.

SparrowHorse x

Film Review: The Jungle Book (2016)

Hi again, I watched this film at the Cinema and loved to yesterday. It was a plan for when my brother and dad were away, and us three would go to the cinema then pizza express. I was a little unsure on how it would be, and how well they would adapt it from Rudyard Kipling’s version. I got there and as the film went on, I was shocked as to how good it was, here is my review.

Wikipedia’s description: Raised by a family of wolves since birth, Mowgli must leave the only home he’s ever known when the fearsome tiger Shere Khan unleashes his mighty roar. Guided by a no-nonsense panther and a free-spirited bear  the young boy meets an array of jungle animals, including a slithery python and a smooth-talking ape. Along the way, Mowgli learns valuable life lessons as his journey of self-discovery leads to fun and adventure.

This film really stunned me because of the animals, they all looked mainly real, capturing the description and exact ways they look and walk. Much of the film captured fright in me, as the whole film looked completely real-life, as if it was really going on in front of me. They did add some changes and new features from the book, but I think the difference was for the better, giving some surprises to people that have watched the old disney film recently, expecting it to be all the same. 

I do think that they could have done some things better, for instance added in a few more of the songs, and music, as they only included about 2 of them, leaving out many from the original. Without the singing and dancing, the new jungle book, I would say, is a lot more frightening for people below about 8. They also didn’t include some of the characters from the original and the book, for instance the vultures, who did the talking bit at the end in the first film. 

Other than my spoken weaknesses, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, ad if I had chance, would watch again soon. It is a PG, and I would recommend it for people 7 or 8+, depending on how scared they will get. I love this film and everyone should watch it!

SparrowHorse x

Book Review: Fangirl

I LOVED this book! My parents gave me some money to buy a few books wth, and this was one that I chose. I wasn’t familiar with the author, but I had seen another of her (Rainbow Rowell) books at a book fair this year, that friends had read and liked and decided to give this author a go…It turns out that I love her style of writing, and will definitely try to find others from her. Here is my review, starting with the blurb, I hope you enjoy it and are willed to read the book:







Cath and Wren are identical twins and until recently they did absolutely everything together. Now they’re off to university and Wren’s decided she doesn’t want to be half of a pair anymore- she wants to dance, meet boys, go to parties and let loose. It’s not so easy for Cath. She would rather bury herself in the fanfiction she writes where there’s romance far more intense than anything she’s experienced in real life. Now Cath has to decide whether sh’s ready to open her heart to new people and new experiences, and she’s realising that there’s more to learn about love than she ever thought possible…

First of all, I loved the style and creativity of the plot line, it really struck me as an inspirational piece of writing. The characters I could totally relate too, each in their own way, and the story was beautiful. This wouldn’t have been the first book I would have picked out if you put me in a bookshop, as fan fiction isn’t generally my style- I never seem to find it that interesting or as good as the real book- but this is a different matter altogether and definitely the first book i’ve read about writing fanfiction…

I did have a few minor problems with the book, the first is silly, really, but I didn’t look inside the front cover until the end, and if haven’t read the book, on there are drawings of all the characters with names underneath. I had separate imaginary characters in my head as to what they would look like, and to be fair none looked quite as how I had imagined them…yes, a pretty stupid fault but annoying for me. The last weakness was that (I know that most people who have read this will be annoyed and will totally disagree with me) I honestly found Wren much too annoying for her own good; she really brought the book down for me…

 I would say that it is a YA/Romance/Coming Of Age book, and suitable for people aged 13+. I would rate it 4/5, and happily eat it again in the future. 

SparrowHorse x