Revision Ideas…

Usually I don’t worry or do nearly as much revision as I should but for my end of year exams this year I though I would make a little more effort than I usually do. Some of these ideas can be creative, fun, or just down-right boring but they all help me and I hope they help you too. Here are some of my favourite and most effective ideas and instructions:

  1. Flash Cards: I usually make these as I find they improve my memory and also doing things in different orders. You just need some A4 card, which I usually cut into 16 small rectangles, and colourful pens to make them stand out and not be as boring…Write a question on one side, then the answer on the other being as detailed or vague as you think necessary. I get my friends and family to test me on these facts until I know most of them off by heart ready for the exam. The subjects I have made them for already I have gone a bit overboard with, for my geography i’ve done 76 and my history 64…!
  2. Mind Maps: I find these most effective stuck on my door or wall or in a place that I go past and look at every day. This means that facts usually stick in my head as I go past, and I can think, e.g. “okay, what are the 5 air masses that effect the uk?” You can make them by finding an A4 or A3 piece of paper and writing a subject in the middle. You can then go on to drawing lines of it for different topics, facts, or info that you want to revise and know. You can make it as colourful as you want and include diagrams, pictures, or highlights for extra.
  3. Folder: I sometimes go through each of the books I want to revise for and photocopy all of the pages that include the info I need to revise for different topics. I find it helps if you keep all this in a folder in separate plastic files for each topic inside a subject. This is neat and organised, and is helpful if you need to carry it round on trains or uses, or if you want to pack revision for holidays…

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Those are some of my instructions, but I also have some tips to make it easier and healthier:

  1. Take breaks from revision: It won’t be as good for you if you spend 5 hours of straight revising, as it will be if you do 2 hours with a few 10 minute breaks. This can help your brain have time to recharge and also relax
  2. Don’t spend loads of time revising the night before: If you start revising earlier, and you do small periods of revising every day or every few days your results will be much better

I hope you take my advice, and I will post soon!

SparrowHorse x