What I’m Reading

This blog post is a sort of follow-on from one of my previous blog posts,  Click here if you want to see it , but that was a list on what I had already read and recommend, this is my reading list on what I hope to read over the summer. I have several books I want to read, that I will either buy or already have. I want to share these with you to serif you agree, and if I like them, or even I guess if I don’t, I shall write a book review on them, which should appear on my blog sometime in and after the summer holidays. 

go set a watchmanGo Set a Watchman- Harper Lee: I chose this because it is a follow-on from To kill a Mockingbird, which I have read and loved already, and so I hope this proves to be as good as the first. 




extraordinary meansExtraordinary Means- Robyn Shneider: This was a book I saw at the book fair in March, and I have wanted it ever since. My friend was lent it and thoroughly enjoyed it, and therefore I want it recommendation of others.




 catcher in the ryeThe Catcher in the Rye- J. D. Salinger: This book I have read many great reviews on, and I thought it was time to read it. There wasn’t really much else reason for wanting this, so I hope I made the right decision! 




hidden oracleThe Hidden Oracle- Rick Riordan: I don’t think I have mentioned it properly in any posts before, but I LOVE the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, also by Rick Riordan. When I heard that he had a new series coming out, I wasn’t just going to stay put and not get it. So I think this might be the highlight of my Summer Reading, and I really hope I’m not disappointed! 


These are my four books for reading over the summer!

SparrowHorse x