Staying in a Yurt

On half of the family holidays i’ve been on, growing up, I have stayed in a yurt. For those of you that don’t know what that is, its “a circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework” So I thought I would share with you what I think are the advantages and disadvantages of staying in one. 

  • My Advantages

For me, I see my family a lot more, when in a smaller space. At home, everyone seems to stay in their own rooms not really communicating much half the time, and so when sharing a room for everything, people are brought together for games, chats and days out. It really helps improve family relationships.

We spend a LOT more time outside. At home, when all our distractions are inside, we tend to stay there. But in a yurt, as our options are limited, most of the things we do are outside: walks, campfires, beach, bike rides, etc. We also actually take advantage of the sun when its there, and even the things we could do inside, we do outside. Which is great as you get more exercise  and fresh air. 

Just the whole idea of it. Several things make it perfect, it all being in one room is good; as my room seems never to be tidy I never know where anything is, but in a yurt, everything is in one room and much easier to find! I also love the location of the yurt we stay in, where we are alone in a field, just surrounded by countryside and wildlife. 

  • My Disadvantages

Bad baths and showers. Really, this is possibly the harshest thing I could have said, and I’m only saying it because there was nothing else! The showers aren’t bad, the only problem is that it is outside and solar powered, and there is never guaranteed hot water. If you go and stay in a yurt, your shower may be fine, so didn’t listen to me and take this as a every-yurt thing. Also, bugs and slugs always seem to find a way in!

Coldness…This is more advice than a bad thing; don’t underestimate the cold-temperature! This really depends on when you go, and what the weather is like, but just because its made of material, doesn’t mean its any warmer than a tent at night. So make sure you pack warm clothes!

So thats it. As you can see, there are more advantages than disadvantages. I would recommend this to anyone, particularly for people new to camping, as its not as full-on as being in a tent, as it has a hob, furniture and beds in, but it still feels like camping. 

SparrowHorse x