Film Review: Petes Dragon (2016)

So far this summer i’ve seen three films at the cinema wit my siblings: The BFG, Finding Dory, and Petes Dragon. I wanted to wait until I had seen this to make up my decision on which was the best and to review. Petes dragon is by far the best one on my charts, including everything I think necessary in a film. I hope you like and agree with my review enough to go and see it yourself!


Wikipedia: Mr. Meacham, a woodcarver, delights local children with stories of a mysterious dragon that lives deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. His daughter Grace believes these are just tall tales, until she meets Pete, a 10-year-old orphan who says he lives in the woods with a giant, friendly dragon. With help from a young girl named Natalie, Grace sets out to investigate if this fantastic claim can be true.

The first good thing I noticed about it was that it was emotional. You really felt the film as you were watching it. and if that meant crying or laughing, that was definitely a good feature. The plot line was also great, imaginative and interesting, keeping you hooked the whole way through. The dragon was not entirely realistic, but if you have enough imagination, you’ll be able to believe its true. 

There wasn’t really anything bad I can post my finger at, except maybe my first point; being too emotional! I think that mane the other people in the cinema were a bit annoyed that I cried the whole way through. 

I would really recommend this to anyone aged about 7+ as some things could be scary for people younger and its a PG. For me, my rating would be 5/5. Brilliant. 

SparrowHorse x


Film Review: Land Girls

I guess I should change the category title from film reviews to film/tv series reviews, as the series I’m reviewing today is a series, not a film! I found this about a week ago whilst scanning Netflix for a film or programme to watch that evening. I quite like period dramas set in the early 1900’s, for example my favourite is Downton Abbey, (I’ve watched every series and episode!) and this seemed to be one of the best bets I had on Netflix for something I liked. I have so far only watched the first series, because that was all that was available on Netflix  but I can assure you that I will be buying and watching the next two soon! Here is my review, I hope you like it.

land girls




The story evolves around Nancy, Joyce, Annie and Bea as they join the Women’s Land Army, based at the Hoxley Estate in World War 2. They all face worse struggles than any of them could have imagined, and end up in all sorts of dangerous positions and scrapes. Even though none of them wanted to go in the first place, at the end, no one would love even if the chance arose. 

I love this because it is such an emotional series, which made me both laugh and cry. The series made it look so real, as if it were actually happening, and finally I grew to realise how bad women had the war, and what happened to them. Although I loved the series for what it was, I know that there were some inaccurate facts about the war, and certain illnesses. I also don’t like the fact that there was a fairly strong american stereotype that everyone seemed to follow, and it was neither accurate nor a great example. 

The plot was easy enough to tell, but in this instance it wasn’t too bad, and so it was a nice factor. The genre for this series would be period drama, with romance and war as two smaller genres inside. Another thing I love, is that the drama/action is spread out and carries on throughout the whole of the time, rather than being bunched up and happening quickly at one end or the other. 

I would recommend this to people who like this style, but not necessarily to historic experts because you’re just going to end up breaking your tv with the incorrect facts. Posting soon, 

SparrowHorse x


Film Review: The Jungle Book (2016)

Hi again, I watched this film at the Cinema and loved to yesterday. It was a plan for when my brother and dad were away, and us three would go to the cinema then pizza express. I was a little unsure on how it would be, and how well they would adapt it from Rudyard Kipling’s version. I got there and as the film went on, I was shocked as to how good it was, here is my review.

Wikipedia’s description: Raised by a family of wolves since birth, Mowgli must leave the only home he’s ever known when the fearsome tiger Shere Khan unleashes his mighty roar. Guided by a no-nonsense panther and a free-spirited bear  the young boy meets an array of jungle animals, including a slithery python and a smooth-talking ape. Along the way, Mowgli learns valuable life lessons as his journey of self-discovery leads to fun and adventure.

This film really stunned me because of the animals, they all looked mainly real, capturing the description and exact ways they look and walk. Much of the film captured fright in me, as the whole film looked completely real-life, as if it was really going on in front of me. They did add some changes and new features from the book, but I think the difference was for the better, giving some surprises to people that have watched the old disney film recently, expecting it to be all the same. 

I do think that they could have done some things better, for instance added in a few more of the songs, and music, as they only included about 2 of them, leaving out many from the original. Without the singing and dancing, the new jungle book, I would say, is a lot more frightening for people below about 8. They also didn’t include some of the characters from the original and the book, for instance the vultures, who did the talking bit at the end in the first film. 

Other than my spoken weaknesses, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, ad if I had chance, would watch again soon. It is a PG, and I would recommend it for people 7 or 8+, depending on how scared they will get. I love this film and everyone should watch it!

SparrowHorse x

Film Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Hi! Today i’m going to review My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which I watched on Thursday with a few friends. We started at Pizza Express, then after our meal walked over to the cinema in time for the start. I loved this film, and i’m not even sure which film I liked the best, the 1st or the the 2nd. Here is my review and I hope you like it…

Parenting and marriage is becoming a problem for Toula and Ian. Their relationship is becoming hard to cope with as their daughter Paris is choosing colleges to apply to and struggling with their Greek traditions. On top of that, Toula must contend with aging parents and the endless needs of cousins and friends. When the family discover a secret that could lead to disruption between Toula’s parents, the whole family has to work together to create an even bigger wedding than before.

I love this film despite it’s weaknesses and it is something that i’ll never grow bored of. One problem I think was it’s lack of imagination. Yes, it has different problems with different people, but the whole marriage idea is the same, which I find a little off-putting. It was also a rather short film than I would have liked, only about 1 hour 30 mins; I would have preferred something longer with more info and plot line. 

Now, putting it’s weaknesses out the way, i’ll say why I liked it… I loved the characters enthusiasm and humour throughout the film. Whether things have gone wrong or right, the family is always laughing with their greek humour that the first film had. Some parts make you laugh out loud which I am glad of- otherwise it would have been nothing like so good a film. I think the actor for Paris was just right for the part, and I was also glad that the entire cast from the first film was back and willing to make an amazing 2nd entry.

I would recommend it 4/5 and recommend it for people 10+, as it is a 12A and would say some things are inappropriate for people under the age given. I would push anyone to go and see it, although if it isn’t your thing, it might get a bit boring. It is a comedy/romance, and a great example for that genre.

SparrowHorse x

Film Review: Twilight

I watched this yesterday at a friends sleepover, and I thought it was a really good film. I haven’t yet read the books, but now I have seen the first film, I am going to read them before watching the next movie. At first I wasn’t sure about the whole vampire thing, but soon it all pieced together and I found myself watching the most amazing film. Here is wikipedia’s description and my thoughts.







High-school student Bella Swan, always a bit of a misfit, doesn’t expect life to change much when she moves from sunny Arizona to rainy Washington state. Then she meets Edward Cullen, a handsome but mysterious teen whose eyes seem to peer directly into her soul. Edward is a vampire whose family does not drink blood, and Bella, far from being frightened, enters into a dangerous romance with her immortal soulmate.

I realised soon after I began watching that I didn’t really like the actor of Bella- Kristen Stuart. To me, her facial expressions and acting skills annoy me and I don’t really think she was the best actor they could have got for the part. I think that Edward’s actor-Robert Pattinson -was good for the part, but others weren’t as pleasing.

What I did love was the plot line, I didn’t know what was going to happen next, it was action-filled and thrilling to watch. The story made perfect sense and it was easy to tell who was who. The only thing that did confuse me was that you could tell who was a vampire or not by their pale skin, but Bella, a normal human was pale too? Confusing…

The film gave me a scare in the right places, and it wasn’t too noticeable that it wasn’t real, like some films, e.g someones dying on the floor and you’re laughing because the blood looks so fake. I think I would rate it 4/5 and i’m looking forward to seeing the next ones. The age rating is a 12, and so I think I would recommend it to people 12+, because of its creepy content…

Watch it and you won’t regret it!

SparrowHorse x

Film Review: Allegiant

Last night I went to the cinema with a few friends and watched Allegiant, the third film in the Divergent series. I don’t think it was my favourite in the series, so i’m going to tell you about it…Here is the description of it;

Tris escapes with Four to journey beyond the wall that encloses Chicago. For the first time, they leave the only city and family they have ever known to find a peaceful solution. Once outside, they learn shocking new truths that render old discoveries meaningless. As the ruthless battle threatens humanity, Tris and Four quickly decide who to trust to survive. Tris must ultimately make difficult choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice and love.

Now, I have a big weakness to point out: The film is NOTHING like the book, they made up Insurgent, and so they had to carry on completely destroying Veronica Roth’s story to create something else. I have to say that the story that they have made is great, but to people who have read the books and expected them to be similar will be let down. 

Although it has drawbacks, it’s good features are something to talk about. The characters are determined and strong, ready to fight. The plot is interesting, although a bit less intense than the last two. The actors are gifted and great at expressing the feelings of the characters.

The genre is probably action, and I would recommend this for 12+ as it is a 12. I think I would rate it 3.5/5 stars, and even though I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have hoped, I urge you to go and see it because you may think more of it than I have.

SparrowHorse x


Film Review: Jurassic World

I first watched this a while ago, but I watched it again with a few friends last week. It sort of follows on from Jurassic Park, but you don’t have to watch Jurassic Park to be able to watch this; as far as I can tell, there is only one character that is in both films….Here is my review and I hope you want to watch it afterwards


The luxury resort, located just off the coast of Costa Rica, contains genetically engineered dinosaurs including the newly designed dinosaur, the Indominous Rex. A few days before starting to be viewed by the visitors, the giant creature escapes and starts causing havoc all over the resort. When one of the workers two nephews come to stay and find themselves lost without help, animal expert and former military man has to come and save them….

I found some parts pretty gruesome, blood and screaming everywhere, but I guess I was expecting it, after seeing Jurassic Park… There weren’t many faults, except I could definitely some obvious movie mistakes, e.g, in one of the shots there was a cracked window, and a second later as they showed the same view, there was no cracked window. The rest was great, the dinosaurs acting and looking surprisingly real, also effective, getting people scared at the right moments. 

I think the actors were chosen well, although I did find the dinosaurs more interesting than the people! It is a 12, and I would recommend it for people who like Action/Adventure/Thriller films. I think that I found it better than all the Jurassic Parks, it has more suspense and action, I think…

I’ll write another blog post soon,

SparrowHorse x