Scout Camp

I’ve been at scout camp! Together, our group consisting of fourteen scouts and three leaders,  we travelled to Dorset, hoping for a week of sunshine. The Dorset countryside greeted us with rain, and as it proceeded to rain while we pitched our tents, and for the next two days, we began to give up hope. Despite the rainy weather we managed to do indoor activities such as archery, rock climbing, things like that. A surprise came to us on Wednesday, when it finally stopped raining and we were all able to do something fun. I’ll share with you some of my favourite activities:

Coasteering… We did this with a company called Land&Wave, and in case any of you don’t know what coasteering is, its basically jumping off rocks/cliffs into the sea. We all got drenched, waves collapsing over us all every few seconds! This activity was three hours long, plenty of time to have the best of fun.

Paddle boarding, we did,  for another three hours. Its when you are standing on a surfboard-type board, out in the sea, paddling with a paddle. It was hard to start off with, but after a while it became fine…

A Water Park! On the way back from camp, we stopped off at the new forest, to go to a water park. The park was called Wake Park, and you got an hour session on a sort of water obstacle course. This was probably my favourite activity, with water trapezes, trampolines, jumps, climbing walls and slides, all based in water.

I hope you have a chance to try out the activities I enjoyed, 

SparrowHorse x