The Wizard of Oz

Hi. Today I went to see a play of the Wizard of Oz, at the Sturts theatre in Cornwall. It took a while to get there, but we thought it was worth it, as we’ve seen other great plays there in the past; Peter Pan, Wind in the Willows… I’m still not really sure what I think about it, as I’ve seen better, but as it was not as professional as things like the Lion King, it is growing on me. 


Please Note, I took this picture off their website as I didn’t take any pictures

There were many things I thought were done well, such as the amount of parts that were cast; people were always acting as animals, trees, plants, etc, which helped create the scenes, as they didn’t have any main backgrounds. They also made very good use of the space and props that they had, because as this wasn’t entirely professional, at least not like a massive London play, they didn’t have lots of different sets and scenes, and they made use of the ne they did have, (Grey, with stairs coming down in directions) and used people, rolling scenes and effects to make it almost as good as if they had better resources. 

As The Wizard of Oz is a musical, the main thing that was definitely needed were good singers, that could also act. This was a good feature and I think they cast most of their characters well. There was also a large selection of musicians, that played many instruments, meaning that the music went really well with the singing. 

I know that this isn’t their fault, and probably didn’t happen in the other performances that happened, but at the beginning, the sound was a bit off, Dorothy’s microphone a bit off, and the music too loud to be able to hear the actors. This thing could probably be classed as a good or a bad thing, but in the performance, there was an obvious star to the show; the lion. He was given all the jokes, he made some up as he went along, he was clearly the best singer, and his acting was the funniest and with most expression. The only bad thing about this, is that its hard to accept the other actors when the lion is there. 

Overall, it was a good performance, and I and my family did have a good time seeing it. There were a few things I would have changed, but that can’t be changed now, and I would recommend you go and see it, or any play at that theatre, to see what you think.

SparrowHorse x



Hi, throughout the past few months, children in a few surrounding villages, aged 7-14 put together a production of the play/film Annie. We followed the rough script and songs to the old film, and together all enjoyed the outcome as we performed it twice last weekend. It was a great experience, and a second for most of us as last year we put on a production of Oliver! For Annie, I was the Dog Catcher, and Drake: The Butler. We spent most Saturdays and Wednesdays for about 7 weeks rehearsing for the big days which was not long, considering we all had to learn lines, get props, prepare costumes, rehearse scenes over and over again until it was all perfect. 

I don’t really have much else to say, except for the fact that me and my friends enjoyed it thoroughly and would do it again if we had another opportunity. For a lot of people, it was their first time on the stage, but if you are considering doing anything to do with acting, singing or even behind the scenes prop making or designing when you are older, a small play or pantomime near you could be the perfect place to start, and even if it isn’t that serious or great quality it should be fun. We were lucky to have had an amazing director, that put a great deal of work into the play helping us both on stage and off, and it was made even better by the fact that she does acting and a singer. We also had people helping to get the level standard higher, people doing jobs like: The lighting, sets, sounds, music (Piano and Harmonica covered most songs) and prompter. This made the play so great and i wish I could thank everyone more. 

Hoped you liked this and that it will inspire you to do something creative like this, i’ll be posting again soon, a recipe I think as I haven’t done any cooking posts in a while, Bye,

SparrowHorse x