Race for Life

Today, our school contributed to the race for life charity, which supports breast cancer. The girls in all years, (years 7-13) take part in running 5k for charity, and we all thoroughly enjoyed running and supporting the charity, by donating £2 each, and wearing pink whist running to represent the cause. We do this every year, and I think that this year was my most enjoyable, with music playing from loudspeakers from all over the track, and teachers shouting encouragement to all the students passing by. I think its important to do things like this as it shows you how much you can do to help, and gives you an opportunity to understand what a difference it makes. 

We all manages to run 5k in under 50minutes, me and most of my friends running it in about 30, which we were all pleased with as it is improvement from last year. As much as I felt glad for helping the charity, I also loved running this race, as its not generally the path I go for, its more sitting down and reading a book or something else un-sporty, but this was great fun and I hope to be doing it more often. I would totally recommend doing this, whether for charity or just for the appreciation of running, but you can make a difference if you try and that way you can feel like you’ve helped someone. 

They gave out medals to the top 50 runners, and I think I came near the end of that 50, but I managed to scrape through and get one. I am proud that I did this, and hope next year comes again soon. 

SparrowHorse x