Tie Dye

My mum has recently started to buy different coloured dyes, and dyed loads of t-shirts, tablecloths and more! At first she brought just grey and navy, but now she is going to buy more adventurous colours: turquoise, orange, purple. To make stripes, which she did on mine,


All she did was to tie elastic bands around the places where you want the stripes to be, and put in the bucket where the dye is mixed with hot water. Do what it says on the dye packet, and soon you will have an amazing t-shirt! To make circles, which my mum did on a tablecloth:


You… collect some pebbles or marbles, and tie them on the material with elastic bands or string; it will come out of the bucket/washing machine with amazing circles! -try doing them in line, or even in a pattern…..

Have fun dyeing,

SparrowHorse x