Film Review: Land Girls

I guess I should change the category title from film reviews to film/tv series reviews, as the series I’m reviewing today is a series, not a film! I found this about a week ago whilst scanning Netflix for a film or programme to watch that evening. I quite like period dramas set in the early 1900’s, for example my favourite is Downton Abbey, (I’ve watched every series and episode!) and this seemed to be one of the best bets I had on Netflix for something I liked. I have so far only watched the first series, because that was all that was available on Netflix  but I can assure you that I will be buying and watching the next two soon! Here is my review, I hope you like it.

land girls




The story evolves around Nancy, Joyce, Annie and Bea as they join the Women’s Land Army, based at the Hoxley Estate in World War 2. They all face worse struggles than any of them could have imagined, and end up in all sorts of dangerous positions and scrapes. Even though none of them wanted to go in the first place, at the end, no one would love even if the chance arose. 

I love this because it is such an emotional series, which made me both laugh and cry. The series made it look so real, as if it were actually happening, and finally I grew to realise how bad women had the war, and what happened to them. Although I loved the series for what it was, I know that there were some inaccurate facts about the war, and certain illnesses. I also don’t like the fact that there was a fairly strong american stereotype that everyone seemed to follow, and it was neither accurate nor a great example. 

The plot was easy enough to tell, but in this instance it wasn’t too bad, and so it was a nice factor. The genre for this series would be period drama, with romance and war as two smaller genres inside. Another thing I love, is that the drama/action is spread out and carries on throughout the whole of the time, rather than being bunched up and happening quickly at one end or the other. 

I would recommend this to people who like this style, but not necessarily to historic experts because you’re just going to end up breaking your tv with the incorrect facts. Posting soon, 

SparrowHorse x